INFINITI Solutions Limited delivers end-to-end IoT solutions including solution consultation, R&D on hardware & software application, product & service deployment and ongoing system operation & maintenance.

Our objective is to provide innovative, qualitative and affordable services to our partners. The scale of IoT solution can be ranged from proof-of-concept type application to system-wide implementation. INFINITI’s IoT products and services serve our private enterprise and public sector users with the utmost professionalism and passion.


INFINITI envisions our partners to embrace the innovative and qualitative products and services.

INFINITI envisages our partners to be competitive and success in the markets.

INFINITI enlarges our relationships and trusts among various partners.


INFINITI empowers our clients to develop initiatives in thinking and creating new ideas.

INFINITI empowers our clients to manage their operations in the most effective and efficient way.

INFINITI empowers our clients to grow much bigger and stronger.


INFINITI supplies innovate, quality and affordable services to our partners.

INFINITI inculcates the latest technologies and market trends to our partners.

INFINITI collaborates with our partners to jointly create and promote up-to-date solutions.