Nowadays, taking good care of elderly people and patients round-the-clock is very challenging. Occasionally, elderly people fall or slip on the floor may cause a severe injury or even death. To close monitoring the elderly or patient by a normal optical camera may not be an optimal way due to the privacy concern. INFINITI Solutions Limited has developed a non-visual based Body Movement Detection system based on the high frequency 3D radar technology.


The high frequency 3D radar based sensing device is able to scan the movement of a single person or multiple persons simultaneously.

With the AI algorithm and the edge computation, the system can determine the position of people, velocity of movement and tracking of the people, thus, to identify various dangerous motions, such as, fall down, lay down, bed exit and etc. The system is environmentally robust to ambient lighting, smoke and rain that is applicable for both indoor and outdoor uses. Comparing with optical cameras, 3D radar is an ideal choice for privacy-conscious environments.


  • No personal privacy concern
  • Less susceptible to environmental interference
  • Real-time alert of dangerous motions
  • Customisable object movement detection

Elderly Health Monitoring


Connected health solution that transforms homes into smart homes that monitor and care for the health of older people.

This is the ideal solution for companies in the social-health sector, such as telecare or home care companies. Elderly people and dependants can remain peacefully and safely at home.

All this with a system of non-intrusive sensors that ensure independence, avoiding hospital admissions and interventions.
We work to improve the quality of life for the senior population, and we are backed by a long history of projects and clients in countries.